CAP - Christians Against Poverty

CAP LogoCAP Larne provide a free debt counselling service which is open and accessible to everyone regardless of race, faith, age, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation or disability. It offers non-judgemental practical support and financial advice tailored to meet the individual and /or family’s needs with a commitment from trained Debt Coaches and befrienders to guide and ‘be there’ for their clients over the duration of the journey back to becoming debt free.

We come alongside people by visiting them in their own home environments and assist them to collect paperwork. We then carry out a detailed fact find which allows us to compile a budget and reach an option to deal with their debt. This may involve a CAP repayment plan or may involve some form of insolvency. We educate people about budgeting, by providing CAP money course training for each of our clients before they become debt free. This has a huge impact for their future. 96% of clients surveyed 6 years after becoming debt free remained debt free. The holistic approach adopted by CAP Larne not only enables people to become debt free but also addresses mental, social, spiritual and physical issues as they do so.

If you or anyone you know is struggling financially with the unnecessary burden of debt please get in touch and we will help you find a solution and assist you to become debt free. The best way to get in touch is by telephoning our Freephone number 08003180006.