Sunday School

Sunday is the best day of the week and Sunday School is the best type of school … and if you are looking for a great Sunday School then let me suggest Larne Baptist’s.

The first essential ingredient for a good Sunday School is children and we have 30 plus, aged between 4 and 11 years. There are healthy friendships within this group and the children have company, have fun together, grow together and encourage each other.

Secondly we have dedicated teachers who are highly motivated to teach the children about Christ from His Word. Lessons are centered on God’s Word and are delivered in an engaging way. The children and teachers have a great rapport which facilitates both the teaching and learning. Parents are regularly updated so that lessons can be reinforced at home.

The third ingredient is a sound curriculum and we use the ‘Click’ Sunday School resources published by the Good Book Company. These materials provide clear lesson plans and teaching aids to ensure the quality of the Bible-centered teaching. Lessons are pitched at the right level by dividing the children into three classes according to age.

The fourth ingredient is a supportive and praying church. The members of Larne Baptist Church cherish the children and recognize our collective responsibility to nurture them in the Christian faith. This is evidenced by the sense of community within the Church.

We have been delighted in recent years by how are young people have grown in the knowledge of Christ, chosen to follow Him and sought to glorify Him in their lives. As young adults they have taught in Africa, worked for OM, become presidents of University Christian Unions, studied in Bible Colleges and served on mission teams.

As a parent, I am very happy to have my children taught here. As a teacher, I invite you to bring your children too.